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Eye Candy

This area of AntiPoetics contains tiles, large background graphics, buddy icons, happy face emoticons, clipart, as well as icons, cursors, and startup screens for Windows or any other operating system that can make use of them. Try and say that in one breath.



Tiling images for your desktop, webpage, etc...


Full screen background images for your desktop.

Buddy Icons

Icons for use with various instant messaging clients, blogs, etc...

Happy Face Collection

Emoticons for use with AIM, blogs, web pages, etc...


Clipart images for use in word processing documents, presentations, etc...


Icons in the Windows ICO format.


Cursors in the Windows CUR and ANI formats.

Startup Screens

Startup Screens for Windows 95, 98, and ME.

Texture Fills

Tiling textures for use with graphics software such as Corel Photo-Paint.

This site is not endorsed by and has no affiliation with Corel Corp. makers of Corel Photo-Paint.
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