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This area of AntiPoetics is essentially a museum of junk. Worthless, useless, and boring junk that I have collected for some odd reason or other. Okay... Some of this stuff isn't really that bad. Actually, I think some of it's great. Some of this stuff might actually be worth something too! So... Have a look and try to stay awake or something. Yeah.


Godzilla Pencil Cup

It's Godzilla... as a pencil cup.

Arcade Joystick

It's a homemade arcade-style joystick panel... woo...

Robot Shrine

A small shrine dedicated to robots, mecha and my collection of related toys and items.


A garden gnome... and... well... two heads are better than one?

Lost and Found

This is a small collection of things that belong to other people. If something belongs to you then please reclaim it.

Mechanical Pencils

Photos of mechanical pencils. What else is there to say?

Ceramic Hand

Oh yes... it's a ceramic hand.

Antique Dunkin' Donuts Bag

Amazing and rare, it's an antique wax paper bag from Dunkin Donuts.

Kinder Surprise

An excellent chocolate candy with a toy surprise inside.

Pocket Watch

Why I don't appreciate presents as much as I should.

Music Collection

I have a lot of CD's... thought I would list them here.

Pez Collection

Don't get me wrong, Pez is a great candy, but the dispensers... that's where the action's at.

Video Game Collection

Similar to the music collection list, but this time it's video games.

Very Large Bolt

One gigantic bolt and/or overkill paperweight.

Lego Shrine

Little plastic bricks that I can't live without.

Answering Machine

Random answering machine messages.

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