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Privacy collects a small amount of information from each visitor. This data includes IP addresses, web browser types, referring web sites, and any information submitted through the forms found throughout this site. However, all of the above information is used solely to improve this site and not for any devious, commercial, or unethical purposes. Since this site is located on a server at, their privacy policy might also be worth reading.

As I am not too happy about having my information sold, I will never sell your information without your express permission. Actually, I'll probably never sell any information, as I currently have no plan to do anything like that. The only personal information I collect on my visitors is information that is given to me. This includes information you typed into a form field and submitted as well as the information mentioned above. I only use the E-mail addresses entered into my forms to reply back to you. If you have opted to join my site update mailing list, I will add you to a list for that purpose alone. Also, when dealing with mailing lists, I will always put the addresses in a BCC field for your protection.

If you followed any of the links to AntiPoetics through my AIM Profile, your screen name will be stored in a list. I only collect these for personal use. This is in place so I can find out if I am gaining visitors through the link and if I'm meeting any cool people because of it.

All text, information, and data submitted to AntiPoetics becomes my property to do with as I wish in accordance with this policy. I will delete your submissions if requested or as I see fit. If I change the terms of this privacy policy and you wish to have any personally identifiable information about yourself deleted, please let me know via one of the contact links.

If you purchase any products through the AntiPoetics Online Store, you should read the privacy policy at CafePress. I do not collect any information about which products you view, your personal information, or if you even buy anything. I am only aware of sales after the fact through my account at CafePress and only with the detail they provide.

In association with, I offer referral links to products that I mention in various areas of this site. These links are provided for two reasons: first, they're generally to stuff I love or at least really like and you might benefit from obtaining one of your own. Second, I might make some small credit if you buy anything through those links, thus providing me with more cool stuff. Think of it this way, it might make you happy, it might make me happy, and, if I'm happy, I'm likely to put together more great content. Win-win situation? I think so. However, if you follow any of the links, you should be aware of their Privacy policy and any other terms and conditions that apply to using their site. They do collect information on click-throughs from my site and once you've left my site, I have no control over what they or any other site does with your data.

If you have any other concerns about your privacy in relation to this site, please contact me via one of the contact links. It would also be a good idea to search around for information on protecting your privacy on the web. You can never be too careful with that stuff... I know... I get hundreds of unsolicited commercial messages each month (well, more like weekly now). That is something I would never wish on any of my visitors! : ) Please read the AntiPoetics disclaimer for additional information.

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